Gun and Rifle Engraving

Mark Swanson has earned an international reputation in his field as

"Certified Master Engraver".


Every day Mark receives shipments of rare collector items from all over the world whose owners are seeking his talent for special engravings of the finest quality.

Feel free to contact Mark directly at 928-925-2804

or via email at:


And now enjoy browsing through his Gallery of samples of Mark's craftsmanship:


  The B. Searcy double rifle:


The following design is an updated version of an original engraving pattern done on Ballard rifles from the 1800s to 1900s:


This is a Ruger #1 action with barrel and scope rings.
The theme of the rifle is East coast Indians.

The scenes are relief carved:


This is a "rolling block" action by the Lone Star Rifle Co. in Texas.,

commissioned by a client in Switzerland:


This is an original Colt 1877 double action pistol known as the "Lightning" (.38 caliber)
(The .44 caliber version was called the "Thunderer":


This is a "High Wall" action manufactured by Ballard Arms Co.
This style of frame was originally introduced in 1885 by Winchester and was known as the "Winchester model 1885 Single shot". This one is modern manufacture by Ballard.
The engraving design is another "Swanson-ized" version of a Winchester pattern with relief carved animals:


This is the floor plate and grip cap created for Harre' Rifle of New Zealand:



This is another Ruger#1 action/barrel & rings.
This project was done for Hill Country Rifle in Texas.
Design is English Scroll & Rose.
Pictures of the finished rifle were featured in the September 2009 issue of RIFLE magazine.